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Fitness Overlay Pack


Get ready, get sweaty, go live! Live stream your latest workout today!

If you’re building an online fitness brand, you need a fast, efficient, and fun way to connect with your following and train your clients. Perfect for online fitness coaches, online personal trainers, and fitness influencers, the Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay Pack helps you create a memorable live stream that boosts your brand and gets you noticed!

Train your clients and connect with your audience like never before! Start creating high-converting workout content today! Purchase the Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay pack to get started!

Overlay Features

Easy-to-use video creation and live streaming

Say goodbye to complicated software! With Ecamm Live, you can record video content and live stream your workout within one easy-to-use tool. Gone are the days of using multiple programs to achieve a look, feel and flow for your videos; Ecamm Live, together with the Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay pack, can do it all!

Hassle-free setup with a one-click installation

Thanks to our revolutionary 1-click installation, the Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay Pack is ready at the click of a button. Within seconds, the overlay will be automatically imported into Ecamm Live, sitting in the Ecamm Live Scenes panel waiting for you. Simply click and go! No setup steps or configuration required!

Use stylish pre-designed overlays to stand out

The online fitness industry is huge, and if you want to make your mark, you’ve got to stand out! Our Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay Pack gives you several pre-designed overlays for introductions, countdown timers and multi-guest interview screens. Save time in design, make your online fitness brand’s video and live stream workouts look professional and engaging, effortlessly.

Beautifully designed overlays for all occasions

The Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay Pack gives you several overlays for Ecamm Live. Instead of displaying a blank screen to your audience, keep them engaged and entertained! Use Countdown Timers to let them know when your live workout kicks off, add ‘Be Right Back’ overlays to hold their attention while you’re busy BTS, use End Scene overlays to wrap up your live stream, and display Social Media overlays to grow your following.

Stylish frames for you and your guests

Forget simple face-to-camera videos that are boring and uninspiring; now you can turn your broadcast screen into a branded asset. With the Ecamm Live Fitness Overlay Pack, you can use attractive pre-designed frames for your host camera and up to four guests, with or without a screen share too. Quickly move between these views while you’re streaming to keep your viewers entertained.

Customize elements to match your branding

Each overlay has been pre-designed to include text, images, camera inserts, animations and more, all of which can easily be edited in seconds. Change text in just a few clicks, replace demo imagery with professional shots of you in action, add custom video footage of you demonstrating exercises, and more!


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