We’re a group of content creators, business builders and entrepreneurs, brought together by our shared passion for video content. We love nothing more than getting in front of a camera and saying, “Hi there, welcome to my channel!”

Our goal is to teach as many video creators how to progress in their careers. Whether you’re just starting out and getting ready to hit ‘Publish’ on your first video, are exploring other content expression vehicles like live streaming, or want to expand your brand beyond your channel and build a lasting business, we’re here for you.



I’m Doc. I am a thinker, a creator, a maker.

The world as I see it is a place full of possibilities. Only when we share our collective experiences, learn from our failures, and keep striving for a perfect way of being can we all live our lives to the fullest extent possible.

As the late, great Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

I’ve had my share of failures and false starts, but through it all, I learned something new, picked myself up, and kept moving.

I am on a mission to touch the lives of a billion people through collaborating and sharing stories and ideas. My work as a YouTuber, trainer, speaker, podcaster, moderator and designer has put me on a path to achieve my mission.

Most recently, I have founded the Let’s Get Live community which has helped provide a rapidly expanding platform for people to help one another and learn and grow together.

Our work is never done, so Let’s Get Live!



Hello friends, Diana here!

After working in the video content industry for the last five years and seeing the changes in the video industry, I’ve noticed that there’s always a need for solutions to problems in the live streaming space. The problem has been that there aren’t always great solutions or they address some issues and not others.

What I love about the work we’re creating here at Let’s Get Live is the ability to meet the creator where they are in their video content strategy when it comes to live streaming and video content and the necessary digital assets to pull off a professional live stream with ease.

I’ve had the honor of working with some major brands and some incredible creators, and I am super excited for Let’s Get Live to be the creators’ go-to resource when it comes to leveraging live streaming for their business and brand!


Hi there, I’m David.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, online educator, podcast host and WordPress pro. With over 25 years in sales and almost two decades as an entrepreneur, I’m sharing my lifetime of sales strategies, business innovation and online brand-building experience with you.

My goal is to help as many businesses and content creators build their empires and become wildly successful.

I fell in love with video content and its ability to connect with others. Seeing the developments in the video content creation and live streaming space makes me extremely excited. The ability to tell stories, share wisdom, and connect creators and brands with their audience will forever change the way we do business.

I believe that the work we’re doing at Let’s Get Live will help you transform your channel, build your brand and bring you right into the hearts of your followers. Let’s make some magic, Let’s Get Live!


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