Overlay Packs

What are the benefits of using an ecamm live overlay pack?

One-click install

Our Ecamm Live overlays ship with a one-click install process. As soon as you open the downloaded file, it’ll automatically add a new folder to your Ecamm Live scenes panel. All you need is one click, and you can start streaming!

On-brand aesthetic

Using an overlay pack while you’re creating video content or live streaming is great for adding branding to your video. The elements within the overlay pack can easily be customized to fit your font family and brand colors.

Save time

If you’re not a designer, you may struggle to create a beautiful overlay design for your live stream. Our Ecamm Live Overlay Packs have been professionally designed so that you can bypass this step and get streaming.

Engage your viewers

Using an overlay pack is great for creating an amazing viewer experience of your live stream. Using lower-thirds to introduce yourself, adding a name and surname text to introduce your guests, using countdown timers and introductions to involve your audience all amps up the overall experience of your video or live stream.

Easy to use

As well as the one-click install, our overlay packs are very well organized and structured. You can easily jump between different scenes and overlays to suit your streaming style, and you’ll never get lost or jumbled because everything is so neatly coordinated.

Set it and forget it

Once you’ve customized your overlay from our templates, and assigned the cameras to each frame, you can shift between the overlays during your live stream without any hassles, downtime or errors. Overlays will immediately reflect and your viewers will be entertained every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in each Ecamm Live Overlay pack?

Each Ecamm Live overlay pack is housed within a single scene. When you open the scene, you’ll find a collection of overlays inside. This collection of overlays is created specifically for the themed pack. Each pack includes the following overlays:

  • Countdown Timers, to keep your audience entertained as you get ready to live stream,
  • Be Right Back overlays, so that you can present a branded screen rather than a blank one while you’re busy preparing something behind the scenes,
  • Intros, for you to showcase your brand, business, product, service or offer,
  • Camera overlays, to frame your camera as the host, as well as up to four additional camera screens for your guests, 
  • Screen share, great for tutorials, walkthroughs and demonstrations, this overlays frames both your camera as well as your screen as it’s recording, and allows for up to four additional guest cameras,
  • End screen, to present a branded screen instead of a blank one for when your live steam completes
  • Social media, for you to share your social pages, account handles and links.

Then, within each of these groups, you’ll find a collection of overlays with slight design variations. Typically, these variations are on color. For example, each overlay pack includes versions of blue, red, green, and so on. 

Within an individual overlay, you’ll find individual layers which make up the overlay itself. These layers can consist of the individual elements within the overlay, such as text, image and more.

How to Install an Ecamm Live Overlay Pack

Our goal is to save you as much time as possible so you can stop fiddling behind the scenes and get live streaming! Our Ecamm Live overlay packs come with a one-click installation, meaning there are no complicated setup steps or configuration processes to follow. 

Once you have purchased an Ecamm Live overlay pack from the Let’s Get Live store, you’ll receive an email containing a download link. Once the Ecamm Live overlay file has finished downloading, simply click on it to open, and the overlay pack will be added to the scene panel, along with the default scene. 

Within the new folder, you’ll find a series of overlays, including social media overlays, intros, countdown timers and much more. 

Now you’re ready to add these Ecamm Live overlays to your live streams!

How to Customize an Ecamm Live Overlay Pack
Within each individual scene, you’ll find a series of overlays. To give you as many options as possible, our Ecamm overlays come in multiple color variations, so you can choose which suits your brand best.

Each and every element in an overlay pack is editable. Any text element can be edited to accommodate custom text. Simply double click on the text you’d like to edit and enter the word, phrase or slogan of your choice. You can also change element variables such as colors, custom font groups, text-decoration, and more. Demo images can be replaced with original on-brand imagery, however, if you’re starting out and don’t have custom images just yet, feel free to use the demo images included in the overlay pack as they’re licensed for commercial use.

Within each of the overlay packs, you’ll find a scene titled Camera Overlays. This scene opens a collection of overlays that have been designed for single-host cameras and multiple guests. Whether you’re hosting a live stream for yourself or have invited up to four guests, our overlay packs have you covered!

Again, each of these overlays is editable. You can change the text, color, animation, and camera position of each overlay to suit your needs! When using one of the guest overlays, make sure you manually assign a camera view to each location.

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