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Yoga Overlay Pack


Namaste, yogi! Are you ready to build your yoga brand?

Designed for yoga studios, independent yoga teachers, or yoga influencers, the Ecamm Live Yoga Overlay Pack is perfect for yogis looking to share video content with their audience and live stream yoga classes. Whether you’re just starting a yoga business or want to grow your wellness brand, using attractive and custom branded videos and yoga live streams will increase your online visibility.

Connect with your audience and help your clients deepen their practice. Step up your video content creation game and start creating memorable and engaging video content that your followers will love. Purchase the Ecamm Live Yoga Overlay pack to get started!

Overlay Features

Hassle-free live streaming and video content creation

As a yogi, you want to spend your time deepening your practice and helping others with theirs. You don’t want to be bogged down with complicated tech and confusing software. If you’ve ever wondered how to live stream yoga classes or sessions, Ecamm Live, together with the Ecamm Live Yoga Overlay pack, makes creating video content and live streaming yoga sessions a breeze.

One-click installation for an instant setup

Forget lengthy setup and configuration settings; our Ecamm Live Yoga Overlay Pack comes with a revolutionary 1-click installation. At the click of a button, the overlay pack will automatically import into your Ecamm Live Scenes panel, ready for you to use and live stream your yoga class, asana demonstration, meditation, or interview immediately.

Save time with pre-designed overlays

The Ecamm Live Yoga Overlay Pack brings you various pre-designed overlays to use in your videos and yoga live streams. From introductions to countdown timers, multi-guest interview screens, and more, now you can save time designing individual overlays and jump right into a live stream using our templates.

Create engaging videos for your yoga live streams

Gone are the days of using standard, boring video tools. Instead of blank screens or turning off your video, now you can keep your audience every step of the way. Use beautifully designed Introduction overlays to showcase your brand, add Countdown Timers before you go live so your audience knows when to expect you, display a Be Right Back overlay while you’re working behind the scenes, and use a Social Media overlay to share links to your social pages.

Camera frame overlays for you and your guests

Standard face-to-camera displays are overdone. With the Ecamm Live Yoga Overlay Pack, you can turn heads and delight your viewers. Use beautifully designed camera frames for you, the host, and up to four guests. If you’re holding an interview, you can quickly shift between overlays to accommodate your guests as they come in and out of your discussion, all while you’re live streaming. No breaks, no fuss, no Mercury retrograde-like technical difficulties!

Customize each overlay to match your branding

Each element within each overlay is customizable. Text, camera frame placement, colors; everything can be edited to match your brand tone, color palette, and identity. Replace the demo images with professional shots of you in the studio, on your mat in crow pose, or teaching a class. Update fonts, colors and copy to bring your brand to life!


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