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Church Overlay Pack


Want to know how to livestream your church service?

With the Ecamm Live Church Overlay pack, you can create an eye-catching and memorable live stream of your weekly sermon. Gone are the days of using complicated video editing and graphic software. Now, you can learn how to stream a church from Ecamm Live, and use the Overlay pack to make your live stream stand out!

Connect with your congregation and make them feel as if they’re watching you preach from the pulpit! Discover how to live stream your church service with the Ecamm Live Church Overlay pack!

Overlay Features

Quick and easy live streaming and video content creation

Say goodbye to complicated video recording software and confusing tech. With Ecamm Live and the Ecamm Live Church Overlay pack, you can live stream weekly sermons and Sunday School sessions, broadcast mid-week addresses and community updates, and share pre-recorded videos to your congregation, all using one powerful tool.

One-click install for an instantaneous setup

Go live in seconds! Our Ecamm Live Church Overlay Pack comes with a revolutionary 1-click installation, meaning you’ll be ready to live stream immediately. As soon as the overlay pack is installed, you’ll find it automatically imported into your Ecamm Live Scenes panel, ready for you to live stream a church service!

Use beautiful pre-designed overlays for your sermons

With the Ecamm Live Church Overlay Pack, you have several pre-designed overlays to use while you stream a church service. Choose from introductions, interview frames and even social media overlays, all professionally designed so you can skip the creative steps, save time and live stream effortlessly.

Host memorable live streams of your church services

Standard video streaming tools are boring and not very engaging. With Ecamm Live and the Church Overlay Pack, you can capture your viewer’s attention and have a stand-out service. Forget boring, blank screens, now you can display Social Media overlays to showcase your social pages, add an Introduction overlay to welcome your viewers, use Be Right Back overlays to keep them entertained while you move between service processions behind the scenes, and much more.

Camera frame overlays for you and other participants

Instead of standard face-to-camera screens, with the Ecamm Live Church Overlay Pack, you can use striking camera frames for your host camera, as well as your guests. Make your viewers feel as if they’re in a live sermon; now, you can shift between your pastor, organist, speakers, and anyone participating in the service. If you host communion or other procedures, this can be filmed and broadcast through multiple camera views while you stream your church service online.

Customize each overlay to match your church’s branding

From text to colors, camera frame positioning and more, each element within the Ecamm Live Church Overlay Pack is customizable. Change the text modules to names and speaker details to inform your congregation of who is leading their service. Use lower-thirds and other text elements to notify which psalm, prayer or passage is about to be broadcast. Add your church’s logo, typography and brand colors to your live streams to create a memorable, branded design. Use images of your place of worship to make your viewers feel like they’re watching from the pews!


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