In this video, we’re going to show you how to install a custom Ecamm Live overlay for your live streams and even how to add in custom animated overlays.

To download the free Ecamm Live overlay pack included in this Ecamm Live tutorial go to: https://LetsGet.Live

Time Stamps:
0:00 Welcome to Let’s Get Live
0:22 Free Ecamm Live Overlay Pack
0:39 How to Download Free Ecamm Live Overlay by LGL
1:14 What’s in the Overlay & Animated Overlays Pack
2:06 The Difference Between Scenes & Overlays
2:31 How to Create Scenes in Ecamm Live
4:32 How to Add Overlays in Ecamm Live
6:25 How to Add Camera Overlays to Ecamm Live
9:24 Adding 2 Camera Overlays for Guests
12:19 Making Sure Guests Get Assigned Properly
12:46 Adding in Animated Overlays to Ecamm Live

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