Since finding the fine humans of LGL, my growth curve in live streaming has been exponential. In addition to learning technical strategies that help me deliver great content to my community, I’ve been so inspired to reach higher, try things outside of my comfort zone and get creative. This family is inclusive, diverse, fun and knowledgeable AF and from being a part of it, I have the suspicion I’m not just becoming a better live streamer, but maybe a better person too.


How It All Werks

I teach Live Video Strategy, so when I'm looking to be Challenged, Inspired, Educated, Empowered, and Gut-checked in my own craft I go to LGL and they never fail to provide what I need.

Dana Lattery

Fly Fishing Bow River Outfitters

What can I say about LGL. Having been introduced to this community a few months ago, I have met some life long friends. The entire community based around LGL has been incredible. A well rounded group of mentors are just what I needed to push my creativity in live streaming to a whole new level. Not only do they level up your live streaming game, they push and inspire you to become a better human, and this is why the LGL Fam is my Fam!

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